Technology Transfer


Technologies, Tools and Systems

Rule Modeling: The rule markup language R2ML, a visual rule modeling language URML and the knowledge representation language ERDF; various interactive tools for modeling, translation, verbalization and verification available at .

Policies: Protune - an integrated, expressive trust and policy negotiation framework ( ).

Controlled Natural Language: The controlled natural language Attempto Controlled English (ACE) as interface language to Semantic Web mapplications with various supporting tools, e.g. a bi-directional mapping between ACE and OWL ( ).

Composition and Typing: The Reuseware Composition Framework toolset - an universal Composition Environment for Semantic Web languages ( ), and various supporting typing tools ( ).

Querying: Xcerpt - a versatile rule-based Web query language; and the CIQCAG query algebra - a highly scalable evaluation for Xcerpt and other Web query languages ( ).

Evolution and Reactivity: The prototype r3 (Resourceful Reactive Rules) - a general Semantic Web rule engine for reactive rules ( ); the event query language XChangeEQ - a declarative high-level reactivity language ( ).

Regarding advanced Web applications REWERSE has realized the following main systems:

Time and Location: The CTTN system for the treatment of geotemporal the CTSN system for geospatial notions is available. Additionally, the EFGT Net with concepts and named entities is ready for commercial exploitation (TopicZoom GmbH) ( ).

Bioinformatics: REWERSE has shown that the Semantic Web for life sciences is a reality by providing novel reasoning based solutions, e.g. the award winning, an ontology based literature search engine and further applications ( and ).

Personalization: REWERSE has developed the Personal Reader Framework, a complete suite of personalization services with several award winning applications ( ).

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