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  1. -split into small segments

  2. -each segment one little topic

  3. -only initial segments online

  4. -further segments under development


  1. -Tim Furche, François Bry, Sacha Berger, Benedikt Linse

  2. -members of the REWERSE I4 working group

  3. -Uta Schwertel for advise and review of content

  4. -Bernhard Lorenz, Martin Josko, and Stefanie Heidmann for technical support


A Visual Introduction to Versatile Web Querying

To illustrate the idea of Web querying in general, and of versatile Web query languages in particular, we have produced a number of Webcasts that introduce gently into a number of core topics and can serve as tutorials for using Xcerpt, visXcerpt, and I4’s other languages.


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