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PROTUNE The trust negotiation framework of REWERSE

beta version of Protune's core is freely available for non-commercial use. For commercial use, please contact P.A. Bonatti and D. Olmedilla.

PROTUNE is a demonstrator of WG I2's ideas.  Trust negotiations are automatically induced by the declarative policies of the interacting peers.  Access control and privacy can be integrated with simple business rules.  If needed, negotiations can be controlled via metapolicies.  PROTUNE's features include
  • provisional policies, that can specify actions to be executed during negotiations and access control
  • flexible trust measures, based on a combination of digital credentials, unsigned declarations, and reputation measures
and more. See the demo video by Daniel Olmedilla. Here you can find a summary of Protune's advantages.

ACE Attempto Controlled English

ACE is the controlled natural language front-end adopted by REWERSE.  The Attempto system has been extended and enriched based on the requirements posed by REWERSE's WGs. 

The ACE parser and and many other tools are already available on Attempto's site.

PROTUNE-X The explanation facility of PROTUNE

PROTUNE policies and negotiations can be explained in natural language to help users and managers in validating policies, understanding system behavior, etc.

PROTUNE-X supports how-to, why/why-not, and what-if queries.

The explanation facility will be publicly available soon.  See the demo.

Coordinator unit: Sezione di Informatica - Dip. Di Scienze Fisiche - Universita' di Napoli Federico II

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