Use Cases

UServ Product Derby 2005

The UServ Use Case was proposed as benchmark case for testing rule systems and tools.

  1. Implementation with URML and R2ML

    We use this use case to validate our I1 Rule Technologies Framework, including visual modeling of rules with URML (using Strelka), the rule markup language R2ML as an interchange format and various translators for deploying rules on different execution platforms. The tool chain used in this case is:

    1. Model the vocabulary of the UServ case with UML class diagrams.
    2. Model the UServ rules (there are more than 50 rules) with URML using Strelka as a visual modeling tool.
    3. Rule serialization in R2ML (using Strelka).
    4. Using translators to deploy rules in JBoss Rules and JenaRules
  2. Implementation using Take (aka Mandarax Compiler)

    It is a Java WebStart application. The Java version required is 1.6 or better.

    Take is a derivation rule compiler written in Java. It is designed to be scalable (in terms of resource usage), reflective (in terms of traceability) and maintainable (in terms of (re-)deployment of generated code). Take provides a scripting language for defining knowledge bases and compiles these knowledge bases into optimized Java code that is based on iterators.

UServ Product Derby 2006 (using R2ML 0.5)


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