Welcome to the project website of REWERSE Working Group A3!



The European research Network of Excellence REWERSE aims at developing and standardizing – in terms of an open W3C standard – a set of interoperable rule languages for the Semantic Web, including such fields as: e-commerce, e-contracting, authentication and authorization, conflict resolution, user profi le management, and personalization, among many others.

Working group A3 focuses on personalized information systems aims at advancing the state of the art of customized information delivery applications in the Semantic Web. Applications like adaptive information systems and personalized e-commerce systems use backbones build upon reasoning. Results from REWERSE working groups I1-I5 bring decisive input for bringing personalization to the Semantic Web and thus advance the design of the Adaptive Web.


We developed a number of applications to use as test-beds and to promote the potential of rule-based personalization for web information systems. This includes the award-winning Personal Publication Reader (3rd place at the Semantic Web Challenge 2005), which is one of the applications realized using the Personal Reader Framework developed within the first years of the project. Another example application based on this framework is a Curriculum Planner System for the creation and validation of University Course Curriculum Sequences. Read more…

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