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This application demonstrates how to provide personalized, syndicated views on distributed Web data using Semantic Web technologies. The application comprises three steps: The information gathering step, in which information from distributed, heterogeneous sources is extracted and enriched with machine-readable semantics; the reasoning step in which rules reason about the created semantic descriptions and additional knowledge-bases like ontologies and user profile information, and the user interface creation step in which the semantic descriptions resulting the reasoning step are interpreted and translated into a personalized user interface.


The Personal Publication Reader has been developed for the Network of Excellence REWERSE and provides a personal interface to the publications developed by partners in REWERSE: All web-pages containing information about publications of the REWERSE partners are periodically crawled and new information is automatically detected, extracted and indexed in a repository of semantic descriptions of the REWERSE publications. This information, together with extracted information on the project REWERSE, on people involved in the project, their research interests, etc., is used to provide more information on each publication like:

  • who has authored it
  • which research groups are related to this kind of research
  • which other publications are published by the research group
  • which other publications of the author are available
  • which other publications are on the similar research
  • etc.

3rd place at Semantic Web Challenge

The Personal Publication Reader is the outcome of a collaboration of REWERSE partners Hannover, Lixto and TU Wien. At the ISWC 2005 it won the 3rd place of the Semantic Web Challenge!

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