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With the Personalized Curriculum Planner we present a service-oriented personalization system, set in an educational framework, based on a semantic annotation of courses, given at a knowledge level.
The system supports reasoning-based curriculum sequencing and validation:

  • Curriculum Planning: building personalized curricula, formalized by means of an action theory. Classical planning techniques are adopted, which take into account both the student’s initial knowledge (context) and her learning goal.
  • Curriculum Validation: verifying the compliance of curricula w.r.t. the course design goals. Course design goals are specified in a curricula model, where the design goals formalized as a set of LTL temporal formulas expressing constraints at the knowledge level.

Learning Objects are modeled as Actions:
What the course teaches, and what is requested to be known for attending it in a profitable way, is described by means of preconditions (prerequisites) and effects (learning objectives).

Planning and Validation Workflow

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