Jun 11

For the Personal Reader framework we have worked out a mechanism for restricting the access to RDF stores in order to protect user profiles: We implement access control into the query layer by re-writing queries, which are sent to the RDF store, according to access control policies. In our first prototype we use Protune - the trust negotiation framework of REWERSE - which was developed by REWERSE working group I2. This allows us to specify precisely which type of RDF statements are allowed to access in which context.

Jun 08

With the aid of the Personal Reader Framework we developed an application which allows to perform a personalized preference search for learning objects. Therefore we use a skyline search algorithm developed by Siberski et al. In general the application enables users to specify preferences and results in learning objects (like university courses) which suit best to those specified preferences.

Personalized Preference Search

The application, which makes use of AJAX technologies for the UI, can be tested here.

Jun 08

We relaunched the website of the REWERSE A3 working group. On this website we will now focus on the results of our work like demo applications, selected publications etc.

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