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Reasoning on the Web with Rules and Semantics

REWERSE is a research "Network of Excellence" (NoE) on "Reasoning on the Web" that is funded by the EU Commission and Switzerland within the "6th Framework Programme" (FP6), Information Society Technologies (IST), Priority 2 under the project reference number 506779. REWERSE addresses the IST strategic action line "Semantic-based knowledge systems".


The objective of REWERSE is to establish Europe as a leader in reasoning languages for the Web by
  1. networking and structuring a scientific community that needs it, and by
  2. providing tangible technological bases that do not exist today for an industrial software development of advanced Web systems and applications.

The community networked and structured by REWERSE will

  • develop a coherent and complete, yet minimal, collection of inter-operable reasoning languages for advanced Web systems and applications;
  • test these languages on context-adaptive Web systems and Web-based decision support systems selected as test-beds for proof-of-concept purposes;
  • bring the proposed languages to the level of open pre-standards amenable to submissions to standardisation bodies such as the W3C.

REWERSE will develop Education and Training activities targeted at Universities as well as Technology Transfer and Awareness activities targeted at the European industry on reasoning languages for Web systems and applications.


Reasoning languages for the Web are an emerging technology that does not exist today. This technology will soon represent an essential breakthrough for Web systems and applications. Thus, REWERSE will promote research on an issue of a considerable economical importance. Doing so, REWERSE will contribute to the international competitiveness of the European industry in an essential field of today's Information Technologies.

REWERSE will establish itself as the world leading virtual research centre on reasoning languages and methods for the Web. REWERSE will ensure that this novel technology is fully exploited and translated into real competitive advantages for the European industry.

Network Structure

REWERSE involves 27 European research and industry organisations from 14 European countries and about 100 computer science researchers and professionals playing key roles in applied reasoning. REWERSE is co-ordinated by the University of Munich (research group of the professors François Bry and Hans Jürgen Ohlbach). The EU Commission and Switzerland will support REWERSE with more than 5 million Euro over 4 years. REWERSE has started on March 1st, 2004. REWERSE's activities can be followed at

Project Details in Brief

Project Acronym
Project Reference

Action Line
Contract Type
Start Date
End Date
Project Status
Project Funding
   EU Comission part
    Swiss part
Priority 2, IST
Semantic-based knowledge systems
Network of Excellence
48 months

5 150 000 Euro
   360 720 Euro
27 from 14 European countries

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